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Please leave a message here if you’ve commissioned something from me in the past and would like to share your experience with others.  Feel free to include details about what you commissioned, how satisfied you were or were not with the final item, how happy or unhappy you were with the shipping, and any other details or information you think might be helpful to other people who are considering commissioning work from me.


5 thoughts on “Customer Feedback

  1. Commissioned 2 Plushie dolls from Sakky, Nia Teppelin and one of my OC’s Fay. Both turned out absolutely AMAZING, She did a great job! Nia and Fay are both on this website, and you should check them out =)

  2. I’ve gotten 3 different hand drawn and colored images of my otaku senshi and have been more then happy everytime!! I <3 how Sakky takes the time to get things right and to make them look great!!!! Will continue to come back 😉

  3. I’ve commissioned two drawings from her in the past. One was a super sailor moon picture and the other was a bit more complicated. She finished and shipped super sailor moon extremely fast and it’s just adorable. The second commission was of a fan sailor moon character I had been trying to come up with ideas for. I wanted her to help me with the design and she did an amazing job. I really loved what she came up with! This one was also shipped quickly! She’s very efficient and her work is greatly appreciated by me! I would highly recommend her.

  4. Sakky has made me a necklace (before I learned how to make my own stuff) and it is awesome. As well, I have two of her drawings hanging in my living room, one of which is a picture of me and my fiance, and all our guests admire her talent.

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